Corporate Profile Campaign vs. Profile Research Reports

We know our members and the fact that they do not want quick snippets of info to make longer term investment decisions. They like to do quality due diligence. While we are not suggesting our profile in itself is that due diligence, it does go a long way to tell your story in detail to our membership in a format they can refer back to again and again. Our team discusses your profile needs. We prepare a draft of the profile for your review. We add live elements like news and quotes to offer the most up-to-date information. Our profile campaigns also involve reaching out to our membership with your news in our daily news digest. We also follow the action of your stock, and will send out trade alerts as warranted.

Profile Research Reports are a cross between a Corporate Profile and an Investment Opinion. We give a brief overview of the company and then we delve into information on new products, significant events about the company, company financials and their prospects moving forward. These do not provide a specific analyst rating as ratings will prohibit the PR about the report from getting on the major news wires and that would not help us or you in getting the information out to potential investors.